you have only 
seen yourself 
two times


taking a picture 
and looking at the
image and staring 
in the mirror and
looking at your 


you don’t get to see 
the way your eyes 
light up when you talk
about something 
you love


and you can never 
see how beautiful 
you look when you
really smile


it’s really is kinda 
sad that never
actually seen yourself

but I can promise you 
I will be here everyday
to tell you what i see

~   Spurtakiss  (via samsvoja)


(via v-a-n-s)
09.28.14 /10:48/ 18632


I want a girl who I can bring home to my mom to make her say damn now I understand why you’re a lesbian


09.25.14 /18:07/ 3995


when i met you, i thought i knew the definition of pretty

i thought i knew what a beautiful soul should look like

you looked like the definition of all things i wanted to be

if someone asked me what my favorite things were

id say sunrises and the sea

you are those to me

the color of your hair reminds me of the sunsets and sunrises

your eyes as clear as the sea

nothing gets me in such a daze like you do


Tianna Gregory [x]
09.19.14 /03:28/ 32865




Our first attempt at a Swedish fire log was a smashing success.

burns for hours and it looks beautiful.

I have no idea how you make a Swedish fire long
but i have a MIGHTY NEED for a Swedish fire log

Here’s how to make a Swedish fire log for those who are curious
and these are hella good for cooking on top of too- wanna cook something in a pan? You got yourself a li’l stove right there.
09.17.14 /17:44/ 212825



straight friend: aw I don’t understand why you’re still single

me: because approximately 8% of the us population identifies under the lgbtq community where 1.1% identifies as lesbian female, 3.5% as bisexual female. 

Canvas  by  andbamnan